Tendli or Ivy Gourd as called in English,  has been known to boost metabolism and thereby prevent obesity. Tendli has been used in ayurveds to treat diabetes due to its ability to increase glucose tolerence and lower blood sugar levels.  This vegetable is rich in vitamic C attributing to good skin health.  Tendli is also rich in fibre thus helps digestion.  Tendli does not cause side effects, if it is cleaned, boiled or cooked.  

Tendli Sabzi is very simple in flavours, easy to cook and very nutritious.  Here’s my recipe for Tendli Sabzi – 



  • Fresh Green Tendli Vegetable – 1 kg. 
  • Chana Dal (Gram Lentil) – Half a cup.  Soaked in water for atleast 2 hours.
  • Fresh Coconut – 1 whole medium sized.  Grate the coconut and keep it aside.
  • Dhaniya (Coriander) powder – 1 tsp.
  • Jeera (Cummin) powder – Half tsp.
  • Haldi (Tumeric) powder – 1/4th tsp.
  • Hot Red Chilli powder – Half tsp.
  • Salt to taste.
  • Aamchur (Dry Raw Mango) powder – Half tsp.
  • Green Chilli – 2 pieces.  Finely chopped.
  • Fresh Dhaniya (Coriander) leaves – One small cup. Finely chopped.
  • Imli (Tamarind) puolp – Half a cup.
  • Hing (Asefoetida) powder – Half tsp.
  • Kadipatta (Curry Leaves) – 10 to 12 leaves.
  • Onion – 2 medium sized.  Finely chopped.
  • Jeera (Cummin) seeds – 1 tsp.
  • Ghee – 2 tbs.


  • Clean and wash all the Tendli vegetables under running water.  Cut the two ends of Tendli and discard them.  Slit it from center length wise. Then cut them into small pieces, again length wise. Please note Tendli should be white in colour from inside that means it is fresh, not orange or red in colour from inside.  Discard the spoiled Tendli with orange or red colour from inside.
  • Take a Kadai or deep pan.  Add ghee to it.  Heat it up.
  • Once the ghee is hot, add jeera seeds to it and allow it to crackle.
  • Add hing powder in to the hot ghee and mix it for few seconds.
  • Add kadipatta and chopped green chillis in to the hot ghee and cook it for about a minute or two.
  • Add chopped onion in to the Kadai and mix it well.  Cook the onions on high flame until it bocomes translucent.
  • Add soak chana dal in to the Kadai.  Mix it well and cook it for 2 to 3 minutes on high flame.
  • Add chopped Tendli Sabzi (vegetable) in to the Kadai and mix them well. Cook the Tendli Sabzi on high flame for 3 to 5 minutes.  Keep stiring it continuously.
  • Add salt to taste and haldi powder in to the Kadai.  Mix it well with Tendli Sabzi.
  • Add very little water in to the Kadai.  Mix it well.  Cover the Kadai with a lid. Reduce the flame to medium and allow Tendli to cook for 4 to 5 minutes.
  • After 5 minutes, remove the Kadai cover, add jeera powder, dhaniya powder, red chilli powder, aamchur powder, tamarind pulp and mix them well.  Cook it for another 2 to 4 minutes on high flame.
  • Add chopped dhaniya leaves and grated coconut in to the Kadai.  Mix it well and cook for 2 minutes on high flame.  Then turn off the heat.
  • Delicious Tendli Sabzi is ready.
  • Serve hot Tendli Sabzi garnishing it with few grated coconut on it.  
  • Tendli Sabzi is eaten with Chappati (Indian Tortilla) or Bhakri.
  • Happy Eating.