Happy Eating


Hi Dear Foodies,

I am Venkatesh Naidu.  I started cooking at the age of 12, just by helping my Mother making ‘chapattis’. At the age of 18, I had to cook on my own for 6 months, when I moved away from home for my first Technical job. During my free time I used to only watch cooking shows (I still do this) and try to cook those dishes at home. That is how I developed my passion for cooking. I like travelling as much as I like cooking. To every country I visit I bring back little bit of everything in their cuisines and try cooking them at home with an Indian touch. Now at 49, I can cook a variety of Indian Food which is DELICIOUS and also keen on sharing my Recipes on my Blog.  I will only post recipes of dishes which I have cooked personally.

I love socialising and invite my Friends and their Families at home for dinner and cocktail get together, when I cook exotic Veg and Non-Veg dishes.  My wife Manoja and daughters Kanaka and Deepika are always of great help to me when I am in the kitchen cooking something special for them and my friends. My wife and daughters are very supportive whenever I try experimenting new dishes and encourage me to go ahead with it.  I Thank them for always being there with me.

The way to you stomach is through your eyes.  The more beautiful you present your dishes and click best pictures of Food, increases your appetite just by looking at them.

I enjoy travelling a lot.  I have travelled 24 countries with my family for vacations and will continue to do so.  I have travelled extensively within India too.  I  explore the cities in India as well as Abroad and its local cuisines. Try to bring back the simplicity & best of their cuisines, give a twist and cook my version of another delicious dishes.

I will keep posting my Recipes, Travel pictures and Restaurant reviews on my blog.  I hope you all like it. =)