This is where I work in Oman.  My Company’s Cafeteria which caters to around 500 people at a given time everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 6th July was Eid and special food was served by a Team of Professional Chefs from India.  They are very friendly and always ready to cook something special if you ask for.

This Cafeteria is quite big and is consider the largest compared to other Cafeterias at Company’s various locations in Oman.  It has a huge Kitchen, always maintained clean and Hygienic.  Dedicated dietician is also part of Team of Chefs.  The Cafeteria has a normal weekly menus which consists of Two Veg dishes, atleast Two Non-Veg dishes, Curries, Starters, Two types of Rice, Chappatis, Assorted Breads, Fruits, Soup, Two types of Desert, Juices, Ice Cream, Tea, Coffee, Rasam, Sambhar, Dal, Two local Omani dishes, Continental dishes and Six types of Salads.

However on Festive occasions like Eid on 6th July, Special/Delicious menu was cooked.  We were served with an impressive selection of culinary delights, where there is something for every taste. Featuring a variety of barbequed chicken, roasted camel meat, five types of deserts, eight types of fresh fruits, three Indian vegetable dishes, one Indian Chicken curry, two Omani Non-Veg curry, eight types of fresh Salads, soup, noodles, carving stations, dates, Leban (Chaach), paapad and additional daily specialty dishes. Beverages like Tea with choices of Green, Grey, Ginger, Omani Gava Tea, Cofee, and fresh Juices are always available.

20160707_115048-01            A dedicated Vegetarian counter is provided to cater people eating pure Veg only.

20160707_115524-01[1]The Ambience of our Cafeteria is kept simple but clean, hygienic, spacious with comfortable seatings. It’s amazing feeling to have exotic lunch or dinner with friends, specifically on Festive occasions like Eid.

20160706_192651-01[1]I adore and salute the commitment and dedication of Master Chefs from our Cafeteria.  It’s always a challege for them, working during odd hours, as a team, cook to perfection, three meals,  to cater around 500 people at a given time. Thumps up to them.