Chettinad Mutton Gravy is a classic South Indian gravy dish originating from Chettinad region of Southern India. My version of Chettinad Mutton Gravy is spicy and packed with full of flavour from freshly roasted whole spice and powder, in addition to Shallots (Small / Sambaar onions).

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  • Mutton (Goat Meat) Curry cut – 1.5 kgs.  Cleaned/Rinsed with water.
  • Shallots (Small Onions) – 600 gms. Finely chopped.
  • Tomato – 5 medium size. Make a Paste/Puree of it.
  • Cooking Oil – 4 tbs.
  • Fresh Coconut (Grated) – Half cup.
  • Ginger – 2 inch.  Roughly chopped.
  • Fresh Turmeric –  2 inch. Roughly chopped.
  • Garlic – 12 to 15 cloves. Roughly chopped.
  • Coriander seeds – 2 tbs.
  • Bay leaves – 3.
  • Hot Dried Red Chilli – 5.
  • Byadgi Dried Red Chilli – 8 to 10.
  • Fresh Curry Leaves – 25 leaves.
  • Star Anise – 5.
  • Green Cardamom – 5.
  • Cloves – 10 to 12.
  • Stone Flower – 4 to 5 inches.
  • Cumin Seeds – 2 tbs.
  • Fennel seeds – One and half tbs.
  • Cinnamon sticks – 2 inch.
  • Black Pepper – 1 tbs.
  • Mace – 2 petals.
  • Salt to taste.
  • Green Chill – 2 small.  Slit from the middle.


  • Take a flat frying pan and heat it up.  Add coriander seeds, black pepper, cinnamon stick only one inch, cumin seeds 1 tbs, fennel seeds 1 tbs, green cardamom, stone flower 3 inches, star anise 3 pieces, cloves, mace and bay leaves to the hot pan.  Dry roast all these spices on low to medium flame until you smell nice aroma of all the spices.  Donot burn the spices.  Once Add 3/4th of the curry leaves half way through and mix them well.  Remove in on a plate. Allow all these roasted spices to cool down.
  • Add grated coconut in the same pan and roast it until it becomes light golden brown.  Remove it in the same plate having roasted spices.
  • Add ginger, garlic and turmeric in the same pan and roast them until you see charred mark on them.  Remove it in the same plate having roasted spices and coconut.
  • Add byadgi red chilli and hot red chilli in the same pan and roast it on low to medium flame for a minute or so.  Remove it in the same plate having roasted spices, coconut and ginger/garlic.  Allow these roasted mixtures to cool down.
  • Take a grinder.  Add the above roasted spices into the grinder jar.  Grind it into a fine thick paste and keep it aside.  Add little water as required.  Keep it aside.
  • Take a pressure cooker.  Add cooking oil and heat it up.
  • Add remaining cumin seeds, star anise, cinnamon stick, stone flower and fennel seed.  Allow it to crackle.
  • Add chopped shallots into the hot oil.  Mix it well.  Add just half tsp of salt and mix it well.
  • Fry the shallots until it becomes translucent.  Add 2 small slit green chilli and remaining curry leaves.  Fry all the them until shallot or small onion become light golden brown.
  • Add Mutton pieces into the cooker.  Mix them well.  Fry the mutton along with the onion on high flame.  Keep stirring it until mutton turns light brown.  This will take 8 to 10 minutes.
  • Add masala/spice paste in to the mutton.  Mix them well.  Fry the mutton and spice paste on medium to high flame until the spices are fried properly and you see oil released on the surface.
  • Add tomato paste and mix them well.  Fry the mutton and tomato until the tomato paste has fried properly and you see oil released on the surface.  Add salt to taste and mix them well.
  • Add 2 to 3 cups of water into the cooker and mix them well.  All mutton should be immersed in the water.
  • Close the cooker lid.  Cook the mutton for six cooker whistle on medium flame. 
  • Turn off the heat and allow it to cool.
  • Open the cooker lit and add chopped fresh coriander leaves.  Mix them well.
  • Chettinad Mutton Gravy is ready to be serve hot along with chappati, roti or steamed rice.
  • Happy Eating.