Sindhi Majoon is made with a combination of variety of nuts, simmered in milk and khoya (mava). This sweet is rich, nutritious and exotic having special aroma.  This is my version of Sindhi Majoon recipe using Khajur, Gur and fresh Coconut.

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  • Khoya or Mawa or Dried Milk – Half kg.
  • Milk – One and half cup.
  • Fresh Coconut Grated – 2 medium size coconut.
  • Kaju or Cashews – 4 tbs. Roughly chopped into small pieces.
  • Khajur or Dates – 12.  De-seeded and roughly chopped into small pieces.
  • Kismis or Raisin – 4 tbs.
  • Baadam or Almonds – 4 tbs. Roughly chopped into small pieces.
  • Khas-Khas or Poppy seeds – 1 tbs.
  • Elaichi or Green Cardamom powder – 1 tbs.
  • Gur or Jaggery Powder – One a half cup.
  • Ghee or Clarified Butter – ¾ cup.
  • Crushed Pista or Pistachio – Half cup.
  • Edible Silver Paper sheets – As required.


  • Take a deep Kadai or Pan.  Add one tbs of ghee and heat it up.
  • Add grated coconut into the hot ghee.  Roast the coconut on medium flame until it turns light golden brown.  Keep it aside.
  • In the same Kadai, add one more tbs or ghee and allow it to heat up. 
  • Add Khoya and cook the Khoya on medium flame until it is roasted properly or until it turns very light golden brown.  Keep mixing it.  Once done, keep it aside.
  • In the same Kadai, add 3 tbs of ghee and heat it up.
  • Add kaju and stir it on medium flame for 10 to 15 seconds.  Add baadam, kismis and the dates in to the hot ghee.  Mix them well and roast them properly for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Add milk and khas-khas, elaichi powder and gur powder.  Mix them well and cook them for 4 to 5 minutes on high flame. 
  • Add roasted coconut in to the kadai. Mix them well.  Cook this mixture on medium flame for a minute or two.  Keep mixing them continuously.
  • Add remaining ghee and all the roasted khoya in to the kadai. Mix them well on medium flame.
  • Turn off the flame.
  • Take a flat tray and brush the inner surface with ghee from all sides.
  • Transfer the hot Sindhi Majoon mixture into the Tray and flatten it evenly using a spoon or spatula.
  • Once flattened properly, sprinkle coarsely crushed pista on the surface and gently press them.
  • Place edible silver paper sheet on top of the pista on Sindhi Majoon.
  • Once this flat Sindhi Majoon is half cooled, cut it into the shape of your choice and allow it to cool completely.
  • Delicious and Nutritious Sindhi Majoon is ready to be served.
  • Happy Eating.