Lauki or Doodhi Barfi is a very delicious and nutritious sweet dish recipe ideally cooked during festive seasons in India. It is very easy to make and requires no special ingredients. The English name of Lauki is Bottle Gourd. Kindly Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more such wonderful recipes. Please hit the Like button if you like my video and Share it. I have mentioned detailed recipe in description section of my video.



  • Fresh Lauki vegetable – One and a half kg.
  • Kaaju (Cashew) – 3/4th Cup.
  • Baadam (Almonds) – Half kg.
  • Kismis (Raisins) – 3/4th Cup.
  • Mawa (Dried Milk) – Half kg.
  • Rose Water Concentrate – 2 to 3 drops.
  • Sugar – Two Cups.
  • Ghee (Clarified Butter) – 3/4th Cup.
  • Green Cardamom seed powder – 2 tbs.
  • Powdered Pista (Pistachio) – 3/4th Cup.
  • Coarsely Grounded Pista (Pistachio) – 2 to 3 tbs.


  • Peel off the skin of Lauki vegetable.  Cut off the ends.
  • Cut Lauki in two halves and immerse them in ice cold water to prevent it from getting black.
  • Cut the Lauki from middle and de-seed them.  Remove seeds completely. Again immerse them into ice cold water.
  • Take a Grater.  Grate all the Lauki properly using the fine mesh of the grater.
  • Take a large utensil and muslin (or cotton) cloth and place it on the utensil.
  • Place all the grated Lauki into this muslin cloth.  Squeeze out all the water from Lauki through the muslin cloth.  Let water collect in the utensil. You can re-use this water in some other recipe preparation or discard it.
  • Take a large Kadai or deep frying pan.  Add 2 tbs of ghee and heat it up.
  • Add dry fruits Kaaju, Kismis and Badaam and roast it for a minute or two and remove them in a separate plate.
  • In the same Kadai add 1 more tbs of ghee and heat it up.  Add Mawa and roast it nicely for 3 to 4 minutes.  Keep stirring it continuously on medium to high flame, to prevent it from burning.  Remove it into a separate utensil.
  • Add remaining ghee in the same deep Kadai and heat it up.  Add grated (water removed) Lauki into this hot ghee.  Fry them nicely by stirring them continuously until you see ghee released on its surface.  This may take around 4 minutes on high flame.
  • Add 2 cups of sugar and mix them well.  Sugar will release its own moisture.  Cook it on medium to high flame until the moisture from sugar has almost dried up.
  • Add roasted dried fruits and roasted Mawa in to the Kadai. Mix them well and cook it on medium flame for 4 to 5 minutes.
  • Add Powdered Pista powder, green cardamom powder and 3 drops of rose water concentrate.  Mix them well. Turn off the heat.
  • Take a flat tray and apply or brush the tray internals with melted ghee.
  • Add coarsely grounded Pista on top of the Barfi evenly for garnishing.  Gently press the Pista so that it sticks to the Barfi surface.
  • Transfer Hot Lauki Barfi to this tray and spread it evenly by using a spatula and allow it to cool down at least 50% before cutting it.
  • After the Barfi is cooled to about 50%, cut the Lauki Barfi into the shape you like.
  • Then allow it to cool down completely before serving.
  • Delicious and Nutritious Lauki Barfi is ready to be served.
  • Happy Eating.