I have not cooked Arbi as often as I would like to.  I think the reason behind that is I just forgot the taste and its nutritious values which my Mother used to cook and tell me & my siblings during my childhood.  Arbi for those who don’t know is the Hindi name for Taro root. It has a subtle sweet taste and often used in savory recipes in India. One of the things that my Mother used to make with Arbi was this simple Crispy Arbi Fry or Arbi masala vegetable.  Today, I am sharing one of my favorite ways to cook Crispy Fried Arbi.  Double Deep frying makes this very delicious, crispy and a wonderful dish to feast on.  Arbi or Colocasia is a root vegetable that is boiled, peeled and deep fried.  We can shallow fry or pan fry this, however, double deep frying makes it crispy and even better. This is so good that you can even serve this as a starter at a party.

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