Shahi Moong Dal Halwa recipe comes from the times of moghul days.  This is a Lucknowi Sweet Dish.  The Healthy Indian Desert.  I tried cooking this Sweet Moong Dal Halwa after watching the recipe on You Tube.  It turned out very delicous. 



  • Yellow Moong Dal (Lentil) – 250 gms.  Soaked in water for overnight.
  • Kesar (Saffron) – 1 tbs.  Soaked in half a cup of water.
  • Ghee (Clarified Butter) – as required.
  • Green Cardamom  – 12 to 15 pieces.  Remove the outer skin and only keep the seeds. Crush the Cardamom seeds into fine powder by adding 2 tbs of sugar to it in a Mortar and Pestle.  By adding sugar the seeds Crushes easily.
  • Sugar – 1 cup.
  • Milk – Half Liter.  Heat it up.
  • Water – 750 ml.  Heat it up.
  • Badam (Almonds) – Half a cup.  Finely sliced.
  • Pista (Pistachio) – Half a cup.  Finely sliced.


  • Strain the water out of the soaked Moong Dal.  Add this soaked Moong Dal in a Mixer Grinder.  Grind it into a very fine paste.  Add very little water if required. 
  • Take a Deep Frying Pan or Kadai.  Add 4 tbs of Ghee.  Heat it up.
  • Add finely grinded Moong Dal paste into the hot ghee.  Continously keep stiring the Moong Dal Paste with Ghee on high flame.  Don’t allow it to burn or stick to the bottom of the Kadai.
  • Roast the Moong Dal paste in Ghee on high flame until all the water is dried up, there are no lumps of moong dal, moong dal colour changed from yellow to light brown and texture looks like a powdered granules.  Continuously keep stiring the moong dal in this process.
  • Add hot milk and kesar water into the Kadai.  Mix them well with the Moong Dal. Again continuously keep stiring on high flame and cook the Moong Dal in milk until the milk has evaporated completely and Moong Dal has become dry again. 
  • Add 4 tbs of Ghee again into the Kadai.  Mix it with the Moong Dal.  Continue to stir and roast the Moong Dal in this Ghee on high flame.  Colour will change to slightly darker side.
  • Add crushed Cardamom seed powder into the Kadai.  Mix it well.  
  • Cook/Roast the Moong Dal until it becomes dry again and texture again looks like powdered granules.
  • Add hot water at this stage into the Kadai and mix it well.  Cook the Moong Dal in water until it swells and becomes soft pasty texture.
  • Add 2 more tbs of Ghee into the Kadai.  Mix it well.
  • Add all the sugar into the Kadai.  Mix it well with the ghee roasted Moong Dal. Continously keep stiring on high flame until sugar melts and Moong Dal Texture turns thick semi-dry paste and changes the colour to brown.
  • Add finely sliced Badam and Pista into the Kadai.  Keep 1 tbs of sliced badam and pista for garnishing while serving at end.
  • Mix Badam and Pista with the Moong Dal Halwa.  Turn off the Flame.
  • Delicious Sweet Rich Moong Dal Halwa is served hot and garnished with finely sliced Badam, Pista and few petals of Saffron on top of it.
  • Happy Eating.