Jowar is commonly called by various names across India- jwaarie, jowar, jola, or jondhalaa and is used to make bhakri, jowar roti, or jolada rotti. Its English name Sorghum, comes from the family it belongs to, Sorghum Vulgare. Extensively cultivated in India by Farmers, jowar is a staple source of nutrition in areas that are arid, and it also does not need special care for growing. There are 30 varieties of Sorghum, only one of which is used for human consumption. It is the 5th most important cereal in the world.

As jowar is gluten-free, it is beneficial for their good health and wellbeing. Jowar is a high-end source of phosphorus, calcium, protein and fibre. The presence of iron and copper helps regulate proper blood circulation, which fuels cell growth, hair repair and enhances overall functioning of the body.

I cooked Jowar Bhakri which turned out to be delicious and healthy.  Note down the recipe and try cooking at home.


  • Jowar Flour (available in Indian Supermarkets or Jowar pulses are easily available which can be grinded to flour) – Half Kg.
  • Very little Salt (optional).
  • Luke warm water (for preparing Jowar dough).


  • Take a mixing bowl.
  • Add 400 gms of Jowar Flour to the bowl.
  • Add very little salt, which is optional.
  • Slowly add luke warm water to the flour and keep mixing it with the flour.
  • Keep adding the water as and when required until the proper Jowar flour dough is ready.  
  • Dough should be smooth.
  • Wrap the bowl (having Jowar dough) with a moist cloth and keep it aside for at least 30 minutes.
  • Prepare small balls of two inch diameter.
  • On a flat surface, sprinkle some leftover Jowar flour and place a ball of Jowar dough on it.
  • Very slowly press it using your finger and palm,from all sides until the dough is flat and round in shape.
  • Take a flat hot pan / tawa and heat it up.
  • Gently lift and place the flat round shaped Jowar dough on the tawa.
  • Carefuly apply or rub water on the top surface of the flat jowar dough placed on the hot tawa.
  • Cook it about 20% on one side and flip it over.  
  • Cook it about 20% on the other side also.
  • Light a burner of your cooking stove.
  • After Jowar Bhakri is cooked around 20% from both sides, lift if with a clip tong and place it on the fire of your gas burner.
  • Flip it over to the other side on the gas burner.
  • Donot allow it to burn, accordingly adjust your burner flame.
  • Cook the Jowar Bhakri completly from both sides.
  • Jowar Bhakri is ready to eat.
  • Jowar Bhakri should be served hot and this Bhakri goes well with any veg or non-veg curry or gravy dishes.