I visited this Haji Ali Juice Center with family after many-many years.  The freshness of their creams, juices and shakes are still the same as was years back.

If I am not wrong this place was started sometime in 1960.  This is an iconic place in Mumbai for its variety of juices and cream based fruits or shakes.  This place even serve Sandwiches, Rolls and Pizzas. This juice center is located in Mahalaxmi Area of Mumbai near Haji Ali Dargah touching the sea face.  They offer quick service in Car.  As soon as your car stops near the shop, waiters will promptly take the order and place his identification card having tracking number on the rooftop of your car. No need to get down, unless you want to swipe the card. The area around the shop is not so clean.  They even have sitting area or tables inside their Juice Center. 

I strongly recommend seasonal fruits with fresh creams and juices at Haji Ali juice center.

We visited this place after dinner while on a long drive to South Mumbai. We ordered rose flavored Kulfi Falooda, Strawberry Cream, Kiwi Juice, Orange Juice, Kesar Dry Fruits Falooda, Watermelon Cream.  All of them were very refreshings and delicious.  My daughters visited this place for the first time and loved all the juices, faloodas and cream fruits. All our orders were extremely good and refreshing.

The menus are reasonably prices when compared to the freshness and quality they serve.  It is must to visit place if you are in Mumbai and if you are a juice/shakes/falooda lover.