Non-Veg Recipe

Chicken Sausage Cheese Rolls

Serve Chicken Sausafe Cheese Rolls hot with Hot and Sweet Chilli Garlic sauce.

I cooked this recipe yesterday.  Never seen this dish anywhere in TV channels or books. This is my own creativity and cooked it for the first time.  It turned out to be yummy and my family loved it.  That’s what keeps me going.  Try it at your home. Specially your kids will love it.


  • Chicken Sausage.  You can use any Sausage.  I used Chicken.
  • Mozrella Cheese.
  • Cheddar Slice Cheese.
  • Oregano.
  • Salt to taste.
  • Pepper powder.
  • Taco Seasoning.
  • Brown Bread.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
  • Hot and Sweet Chilli Garlic Sauce.


  • Cut the Sausage into half.
  • Take a Pan and add Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Heat it up.
  • Add Sausages to the hot oil.  Cook it from all sides until its skin starts blisteringt and swelling.  Sprikle half tea spoon of salt, pepper powder and Taco seasoning into the sausages.  Stir it well.
  • Now cut the Sausages into half length wise and fill it up with Shredded Mozrella Cheese in the middle.  Place the two pieces of Sausages and press / seal it gently so that Mozrella cheese is sealed inside the two Sausage pieces.
  • Take Cheddar Cheese slice and cut it into half.
  • Use the half Cheddar Cheese slice and roll it over the Stuffed (with Mozrella cheese) Sausages.
  • Take the Bread slice.  Cut the side crust.
  • Place it on a flat surface.  Dampen it with little water and gently press it from all sides.  Make sure the square shape of the bread is intact.  Use roller to flatten the moist bread to thin flat consistency.
  • Place the Cheddar Cheese rolled on Sausages on the moist bread surface on one side.
  • Sprinke Oregano on the Sausage roll placed on moist bread.
  • Roll the Sausage roll gently with the moist bread and seal them from all sides.  Use more water if required to seal the bread.
  • Do this for all your Sausages and Bread.  Prepared the Rolls and keep them aside, ready to be shallow fried.
  • Take a Grill Pan.  Add Extra Virgin Olive oil to Shallow fry the Chicken Sausage Cheese Rolls.
  • Heat up the oil.
  • Gently add two to four Chicken Sausage Cheese Rolls to the hot oil.  Cook them on medium heat from all sides.  The rolls should not break or cheese should not come out of the roll while shallow frying.  Gently turn the rolls and cook them until it turns golden brown from all sides.
  • Your Chicken Sausage Cheese Rolls are ready to eat.
  • Serve hot with Hot and Sweet Chilli Garlic sauce.
  • Happy Eating.

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