I cooked Chicken Stir Fry with Noodles, which is the quickest and healthiest delicacy prepared in just 15 minutes.  Keep all the ingredients ready and believe me you can cook even faster on high heat.  Enjoyed this dish with my family.  This dish is whole meal by itself. You should definetly try it at home.

For Vegetarians, use Paneer instead of Chicken.  Paneer should be cut in cubes and shallow fried until light brown before adding it to the Wok / Kadai with other ingredients.  The vegetarians would enjoy this too.

Ingredients (Good for Four persons) :

Egg noodles – 250 to 300 gms – boiled in water with 1 tsp of cooking oil and 1 tsp of salt.  After cooked, drain the water and keep the cooked noodles aside.

Boneless Chicken (Breast pieces) – 500 gms – cut into One and half to Two inch long, thin pieces.

Fresh Vegetables – (1) Bell Pepper or Capsicum (Red, Yellow and Green colour) – Two each – Cut into One inch long and thin pieces after deseeding.  (2) Carrot – Two medium sized -Cut into One inch long and thin pieces. (3) Beans – 150 gms – Cut into One inch long and thin pieces. (4) Spring Onion with leaves – Cut the leaves into One inch long and thin pieces, a just dice this onion part into long pieces – Keep both in seperate bowls. (6) Red Onions – 2 medium sized – Sliced in to long pieces.

Sesame seeds – 2 tbs – roast it on a pan until very light brown.

Soya Sauce – 3 tbs.

Red Chilli Sauce – 2 tbs.

Vinegar – 1 tbs.

Tomato ketchup – 2 tbs.

Black pepper (crushed or powder) – 2 tbs.

Ginger – finely chopped – 1 tbs.

Garlic – finely chopped – 2 tbs.

Unpolished (brown) sugar – 1 tbs.

Extra Virgin Olive oil – 3 tbs.

Salt to taste.

Method : 

Take a Wok or Kadai and add Extra Virgin Olive oil.  Heat it up on high flame.

Add sliced Ginger and Garlic.   Stir well for 1 minute.  Don’t allow the ginger and garlic to burn.

Add half sliced Red Onion and fry it just for a minute.

Add sliced carrot and beans and fry them 2 to 3 minutes on high heat until half cooked.  Keep stiring.

Add soya sauce, red chilli paste, vinegar and unpolised sugar.  Mix well and Stir on high heat for 2 minutes.

Add Chicken pieces and mix well.  Keep stiring continuously on high heat until chicken is coated well with other ingredients. (For Vegetarians – Shallow fried Paneer can be added instead of Chicken)

Add tomato ketchup, salt, pepper, remaining sliced red onions, sliced spring onions only (not the leaves).  Mix them well and stir continuously on high heat until chicken are cooked.  This will take around 5 to 6 minutes.

Add cooked noodles and mix it well.  Again stir well continuously on high heat for another 3 to for minues.

Add Spring Onion Leaves and mix them well.

Turn off the heat and remove the Wok / Kadai and keep it aside.

For serving, add roasted Sesame Seeds on the top of the dish and serve hot.

Donot cover the Wok / Kadai with lid at any time of the cooking process. Thiis will release lot of water in the Wok / Kadai, while cooking.

Enjoy Eating.