SIGREE, our favourite to celebrate any occasions within friends and family.  Global Grill Sigree Restaurant is situated at Hiranandani Gardens, Central Avenue, Powai, Mumbai.

Sigree serves delicious Buffet with varieties of unlimited choice.  This place is generally very crowded and during weekends your waiting period is anywhere between 30 to 45 minutes.  They don’t encourage prior reservation of table.  The ambience is excellent as well as the service.  Vallet parking is available.

Sigree serves delicacies from all corners of the earth. Unlimited starters like seasoned seafood, tender meat and crunchy vegetables turning over live charcoal fire.  They immediately bring the live grills on your table and ask for your choice of veg or non-veg starters.  You get chilled pineapple or orange drink which was not too bad. They served an assortment of breads on the table alongside an extremely delicious cheese pizza while they put two types of appetising grilled fish, green marinated grilled shrimps (which were very succulent) and chicken pieces. There was one mouth watering shrimp dish that very much appealed to my taste buds and tasted very much like bbq chicken wings which was served along with seafood dumplings and minced lamb. My friends are foodie too and they enjoyed every morsel served.

The main course buffet spreads across the globe serving Indian delicacices, Italian Lasagne, Arabian dishes, a live Pasta counter with chefs tossing pasta in fresh sauces provide more food for all senses.

They had a variety of impressive desserts ranging from Lemon mascarpone tart to chocolate mud cake to pan mousse, Jilebi with Rabadi, Gulab Jaamun, as well as caramel mousse. Basically something to please every taste bud.

Overall, it is always a very good experience suited especially for those with huge appetites. Ideally it costs around Rs. 1000/- per person.  Not too much for what they serve.

Enjoy Eating.