Sabudana Khichdi is widely cooked in India and more liked in Maharashtra state, specifically during fasting.

Sabudana also known as Sago seeds are easily available in any Indian grocery shop or supermarket.  Sabudana is made from Tapioca roots.



Half kg of Sabudana.

2 Green chilli. Finely chopped.

1 cup of Roasted Peanuts.  Coarsely crushed.

Salt to taste.

1 tsp of Cummin seeds.

1 tsp of Sugar.

1 tbs of cooking oil.

1 lime juice.

Fresh Coriander for garnish.


Soak Sabudana in water for one hour.  Drain all the water and keep it for overnight. The Sabudana will puff up and seperate.

Add crushed peanuts, salt, sugar into the Sabudana and mix well.

Take a Kadai (Pan). Add cooking oil.  Heat it up.

Add Cummin seeds.

Add Green chillis.

Add Sabudana mixture to the Kadai.  Mix well.  Keep stiring continuously until Sabudana turns from Opaque to Translucent in appearance.

Turn off the heat.  Cover it for 5 minutes.

Add lime juice and Coriander leaves.  Mix well.

Serve hot.

Enjoy Eating.