For Veggies, I cooked Aloo-Methi Paratha, my way.  Try cooking it at your home, you will surely love it.  My family enjoyed this delicious Parathas, hot, straight out of the Tawa.  That’s how it should be eaten, with mildly spiced (Chat masala and salt) Dahi or Curd and Pickle.  I used Mango Pickle.



One roll or bunch of Fresh Green Methi (Fenugreek) leaves.

Fresh Coriander Leaves.

Four cups of wheat flour.

6 medium sized Potato (Aloo).

4 fresh green chillies.

Half tbs of red chilli powder.

2 tsp of Cummin seeds.

1 tsp of Ajwain (Carom) seeds.

6 cloves of gralic.

2 medium sized onions.

250 gms of Curd.

Half tsp of Chat Masala or Black Rock Salt.

Salt to taste.

Half tbs of Turmeric powder.

100 gms Butter.

Cooking oil or Pure Ghee to Tawa fry Parathas.


Boil Potato with sufficient water.  Remove the skin after Potatos are properly boiled.  Mash the Potatos (no lumps should be seen).

Clean the Methi leaves properly under flow water.

Chop Methi leaves into fine pieces.

Add choped Methi leaves to Wheat flour, along with half tbs of salt, 1 tbs of cooking oil and red chilli powder.

Slowly add water to the above misture and keep kneeding until the Dough is in proper consistency (similar to Chappati Dough).  Prepare equal rolls (about 2 inch dia) of this dough and keep them aside, cover with clean moist cloth over it.

Dry Roast Cummin seeds and Ajwain seeds on Tawa. Don’t allow it to burn.  Keep stirring. Remove it from Tawa and crush it together until fine powder.Chop Garlic cloves, Onion, Green Chilli, to fine pieces. Clean Coriander leaves properly using water and chop it to fine pieces. Mix all with mashed potatoes.  Add Salt and Turmeric powder.  And Kneed the potato mash thoroughly.

Prepare rolls (about 1 to 1 and half inch dia) of this potato mash.

Roll the Wheat-Methi dough on a flat surface just about until the potato mash mix roll is on it.  Cover the potato mash evenly by overlapping the Wheat-Methi dough.

Now roll this Potato mash filled Wheat-Methi balls on flat surface to a size of chappati. Ensure the potato mash doesn’t come out while rolling the wheat dough roll.

Heat the Tawa, place the Paratha on it and apply oil or ghee on both sides.  Keep frying paratha on both sides until it is brown and crisp on both sides.

Serve this delicious paratha with Curd (mixed with Chat masala and littly salt) and Picke of your choice.  Top up paratha with some butter.

Enjoy Eating.