Durwankur Hotel is situated on Tilak Road in Pune.  This is in old Pune city, roads are narrow and congested.  But worth it when you reach Durwankur Hotel where you can taste Authentic Maharashtrian Puneri Veg Thali, unlimited just for Rs. 280/- per Thali.

This hotel is serving authentic Puneri veg Thali for last 50 years. The service is excellent.  Ambience is fine.  These doesn’t matter when you get the delicious Maharashtrian dishes served with love.

This veg Thali consist of two dry vegetable, one curry vegetable, aam (mango) ras, srikhand, dahi kadi, dahi wada, onion pakoda, paapad, plain rice (waran bhath), rice khichdi, topped with pure ghee, tandalachi bhakri, jawarichi bhakri, chappati, thali peet, koshambir, and five types of chatni.  All unlimited.

This hotel has a unique concept of encouraging their customers to NOT to waste food.  If you finish everything that is served on your plate, literally clean and empty, then you get Rs. 30/- discount on every thali.  So that makes your thali only Rs.250/-.

This place is worth visiting if you are in pune.

Enjoy eating.